What to do before selling an andriod phone? MUST

Are you on the brink of sell your previous robot device therefore you’ll be able to get a brand new high-end smartphone? If the solution is affirmative, then it’s necessary to require bound precautions before you give your previous phone to its new owner. you would like to confirm that you simply don’t have any necessary knowledge left on the device in order that the customer couldn’t misuse it and you’ve got a duplicate of all of your necessary knowledge that’s on it device.

So if you’re on the brink of pull the trigger on commercialism your robot phone or pill, here are few easy steps you must take before commercialism your robot device to form certain that none of that unhealthy factor happens to you.

Backup all of your Phone knowledge

The first factor you must do before commercialism your smartphone is to back it up. Sure, you don’t need to lose some necessary knowledge that you simply had on your previous phone. might|you’ll|you will} copy all of your knowledge to your laptop by connecting it through a USB cable otherwise you may transfer all the files to a cloud service like Dropbox, Google+, and OneDrive.

The easiest thanks to copy your robot phone knowledge is to use your Google Drive account. you’ll be able to copy everything like photos, app data, bookmarks, calendar, contacts, and even your Wi-Fi network settings. To do it, head to Settings > Accounts > Google account and choose all the info you would like to correct for backup.

Factory Reset

After backing up all the necessary knowledge, you would like to wipe them off. This to forestall its new owner from obtaining your necessary knowledge. manufacturer resetting your device can erase all knowledge on your phone, together with photos, music, documents, put in apps, contacts, calendar, and messages. To do this, attend Settings > Backup & reset > manufacturer knowledge reset.

Remove Memory Card

Don’t forget to get rid of your memory card. You’re likely to require to continue mistreatment it on your new device. If you are doing commit to disclose your microSD card, take care to copy the contents and totally wipe the cardboard. you’ll be able to erase your South Dakota card by navigating to Settings > Storage, then faucet ‘Format South Dakota card’.
Clean It

This is tiny low factor, however it’s quite necessary. cleansing your device will assist you sell your device at a stronger worth. Wiping of the screen, removing any mud, and cleansing within the ports AR nice ways in which to stay your device clean and searching innovative.

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